Zibo New Alliance Logistics Co., Ltd. was established on December 8, 2005, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Shandong Allied Chemical Corporation, convoys has forty years of operating history.

Xinlian logistics company operating the project: Transport of Dangerous Goods (Class 2, Class 3, Class 5, Class 8), general cargo transport, a motor vehicle repair (dangerous goods transport vehicles repair and maintenance of large and medium-sized passenger cars, medium-sized trucks repair ), two freight station operations (field), gas stations (a) business. Xinlian logistics company's total assets of 15 million yuan, dangerous chemicals, vehicles 29, 10 general cargo vehicles, storage area of 10,000 square meters, the company employs 65 people, of which 10 were of intermediate grade.

The new associated logistics company adhere to the traffic safety management center to carry out all aspects of the work, the company adhere to the depth relentless grip Strict fine work of the safety management. The year 2011, the new joint company, Zibo City Transportation Authority named "2011 Intrinsically Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods building Top Ten Enterprises" and "2011 annual road transport of dangerous goods quality credit good corporate AAA" honorary title.


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