The talent philosophy: both ability and integrity, meritocracy

    The talented people and cadres is the enterprise's strategic resources, and promote the healthy development of enterprises determinants. We are committed to build a state-of-the-art, fair human resource management system, to cultivate the enterprise backbone talent ability and political integrity, excellent personnel to create the industry.

Selection and concept: truthfully reflect the performance of their staff, selection, enhance and reward outstanding employees, regardless of any factors unrelated to job performance. Adhere to an open, fair, competitive, merit-based principle.

    Employing the concept: I hope that the moral and spiritual development of the staff, eager to learn, to be creative, adhere to the employees to create a first-class conditions for each employee to provide fully display their talents on the stage, to maximize individual potential; establish "those who inducted, power grant Lu, diligence grant reputation, idler who spur Yongzhe to let Yin "incentive mechanism.

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