The training learning is to remain competitive source of

Advocate for the full study, the whole process of learning, lifelong learning good atmosphere, staff opened up various forms of learning educational way to encourage employees Erudition, school director. Improve their comprehensive ability to make contributions in promoting the development of enterprises.
Staff skills and business training information: employee vocational training included in the corporate development plan, the main person in charge of the overall responsibility, the official responsible for specifically dealing with the establishment of training institutions, according to the size and training of the labor trades with theory and professional learning classroom and real training venues, and to take part-time way to fully serviced, with strong theoretical knowledge, professional skills and training of teachers; master with only Skills Competition, multi-form and multi-level pre-service training, vocational training, to enhance the staff skills level.
Universities jointly sponsoring a significant effect, the company met with Zibo Vocational College, Shandong Institute of Light Industry, jointly organized by the college class of chemical process, training more than 300 participants, a specialized technology for the enterprise culture, management personnel.
Internal sponsoring fruitful, the company has organized application fitter classes "electrician classes meter class" "Foreman classes", "fitter skills upgrading classes", targeted to improve the operational capacity of the technical staff to create a number of operational capacity professional quality, has played an exemplary role in the crack.
The technical competition activities in full swing, "fitter, electrician, welding, gas welding, instrumentation" contest activities carried out within the company on a regular basis to enhance employee skill levels, create a help than learn from workers, dedication, innovation working and learning atmosphere.

Training management system
Staff training regulations
1 Purpose
Training to improve the quality awareness of employees and the level of business master quality-related knowledge and job skills, to build a stable and high-quality workforce, and to adapt to the rapid development of enterprise needs to ensure the effective operation of the quality system.
2 range
All quality-related training of employees, management personnel and professional and technical personnel training.
3 Responsibilities
The 3.1 the Labour Department
a labor-management staff training at the organization and training of the file management unit;
b is responsible for the general training of employees basic knowledge of the production process, labor rules and regulations, post operation;
c organization responsible for staff training and examination and the issuance of licenses for employment.
3.2 The production workshop, quality control, metrology, technical, safety and environmental protection, business administration and other departments for the implementation of staff training units, with labor at the implementation of employee training.
4 workflow
4.1 to create a training file, all participated in the training of trainers, including training content, assessment documented file storage period of 5 years.
4.2 Training Plan
The 4.2.1 annual training plan each workshop, the department should be in accordance with the annual target, job requirements, and human capacity required by the job requirements, combined with the staff's ability to work, the quality, character, performance evaluations to determine departmental training needs and develop the sector next year training plan in mid-November to submit labor at the labor annually in December issued to the implementation of the various units in the preparation of the annual training plan.
4.2.2 The annual training plan including training time, the training, the number of trainees, teaching organizations, teacher training objects, assessment methods, training of personnel responsible people. Training contents include: job skills, safety, environmental protection, fire protection, energy saving, quality-related knowledge.
4.2.3 short-term training, the units reported training applications intention to table, completing the training, organization and implementation of the reported labor at.
4.3 Employee Training Management
4.3.1 training internal training and external training.
4.3.2 internal training establishment of a training and examination management team. By the relevant person in charge of professional and technical personnel, management training department.
Responsible for organizing the training of personnel, counseling, learning, organization theory examination, practical examination. new employees into the plant training
should a new employee into the plant into the plant centralized classroom training and training by the Labour Department.
b training: company overview, corporate culture, rules and regulations, production technology, safety, fire safety, occupational health, environmental protection, energy saving and common sense.
c workshop, team-level education and training new employees where the unit organization and implementation of the theory and practice of assessment results reported labor at the record.
A of amateur concentrated training
a centralized training in his spare time training schedule, identify training List implementation by training;
???? The b day shift staff training time for the evening organization teaching training;
??? C shift employees by the implementation unit Taipan unit organization taught training. Full-time centralized training
a training plan based on implementation unit to determine the number of days in full-time training, full-time training arrangements for 6 hours a day training to learn;
b implementation units reported training learning list;
c Labour Department is responsible to hire teachers, provide learning venues and participate in organizational assessment. self-study training
mainly a self-learning on-the-job employees;
b Labour Department is responsible for the supervision and spot checks of implementation units organization exam test scores reported labor filed. division with only training
Division with only form of training, pass to carry out, to help with knowledge and experience in enterprise heritage. staff posts should be trained, organized by the Labour Department on Assessment. professional training
Professional training is the training of professional knowledge and skills of different positions, organized by various departments.
a management staff at all levels should go through the training of management knowledge, quality regulations and the ISO 9000 family of standards;
b professional and technical personnel should be subject to professional and technical training;
c technical aspects of the production in the direct and indirect operations personnel, should be subject to job skills? production and equipment, technology, security, fire protection, energy saving, environmental protection, occupational health, responsibility for quality training;
d marketing staff after the professional knowledge and training on laws and regulations;
e verification personnel, inspectors, internal auditors should be subject to professional knowledge and skills training.
f managers at all levels should be by watching expert lectures, outings, business exchanges and other forms of training to understand the state guidelines, policies and regulations to improve market forecasts, decision-making, organization, implementation and control capabilities. The appointment card production jobs workers trained assessment achieved accreditation documents.
a new job the staff are required to go through pre-service training, obtain job qualification allows posts;
b assessment unqualified staff in post, to recover the documents, to re-take the training; reassign staff training
a non-skill reasons, the same type of work reorientation direct induction, induction card issued by the Labour Department;
the b different trades reorientation, original appointment card to recover after training and retraining, and passing the examination eligibility for the appointment of the new work, and sent back to fill out the appointment card appointment card.
The training teachers engaged
a general training, hiring above the junior teaching professional and technical personnel;
b professional and technical personnel training, hiring teaching counterparts in senior professional and technical personnel;
c teachers employed outside units, shall be subject to the chairman of the board approved the hiring contact by the Labour Department.
- training management
After the training of trainers assessment: open-book exam, closed book exam, practical assessment by the implementation of the training and examination management team.
a all papers, training records, effectiveness evaluation is stored in the training file.
b effectiveness evaluation have scores and scores and scores according to rating, rating of excellent, good, pass and fail. training incentive.
one of the main basis for a training and test scores as a future promotion, promotion
b, pre-service training of new entrants plant employees failed the examination, shall be dismissed.
c, extension training qualified in the assessment of the training staff during the fall will benefit wage, make-up is still not qualifiers, employees retire Gang Management Rules processing.
d, per person qualified in the assessment of the training staff buckle unit where 25 points, section chief responsible for 15 points.
e company recognized mentoring both sides, the training period to give with only master subsidies. Ahead of the believers the given master reward grading, the schedule can not be out by believers grading company to recover master subsidies and shall be deducted.
4.3.3 external training
a refers to a variety of business functions at a higher level organization or professional training.
b plan managers, professional and technical personnel to go out to participate in the training and technical exchanges. external training plan
Each unit based on production or work need to identify external training needs, completing external training application sheet at the Labour Department review, the Labour Department reported that Chairman of the Board for approval, after confirmation, notify the responsible units in and do the registration. external training management
External training staff after the end of the training should be relevant textbooks, the information sent to labor at registration, to obtain a certificate of completion within 5 days will be all kinds of a copy of the training certificate, sent to labor at registration, archiving.
4.3.4 special posts, an important process, job qualifications recognition special operations personnel
Fireman, member of metrological verification, quality supervision member, elevator workers, pressure vessels, welders, gas welders, factory motor vehicle driver, electrical work above types of work, such as job qualifications by the relevant provisions of the superiors, the Labour Department is responsible for the registration, issuing licenses for employment.
Special job security companies operating permit, after passing the examination by the security at the organization's security, safe operation license issued by the Security Department. key process of assessment, jointly implemented by the relevant units and labor at.
5 appraisal
5.1 annual training plan should be submitted more than 10 units reported time to buckle relevant training.
5.2 implementation of various training units according to the annual training plan calls for the implementation of training time, occur time and training time, 10 points deduction related training implementation units.
5.3 new staff posts should be in the job 5 days of training programs by their units, the implementation of training. Report them late day buckle training the implementation unit 5.
5.4 reassign employees should reorientation training programs by their units within 10 days of the implementation of training. Report them late day buckle training the implementation unit 5.
5.5 external training application for registration not reported to the Labour Department, 10 points buckle responsible units. Terms of requirements 5.6 external training staff fails to submit the copy of labor at every report them late one day, buckle external trainers 10 and 10, where the units.
Training books (images) materials management approach
To strengthen training books (image) materials management, improve the efficiency of the use of training materials, enhance the level of staff operational capacity to create a good atmosphere for learning, are formulated.
1, the company financed the purchase of training Books responsible for ID registration by the company file reference room into the book, and the preparation of the catalog.
2 Training Books only for on-the-job staff training, use of access to information, and shall not be loaned. Professional training materials from the training department in charge is responsible for the handle from the file reference room borrowing procedures, issued to specify the hands of employees in the post, the establishment of the employees to borrow accounting, teaching materials recycling.
3, the company approved outside trainers during the training allotted materials owned by the company; training staff in the reimbursement of the cost of training held teaching materials to Company Profile Reference Room registration; process of borrowing procedures before reimbursement of training costs.
Employees in the process of training and learning should take good care of training materials, safekeeping, non-scrawled graffiti on the textbook (scribing, labeling, marking, experience except), found that one shall be deducted 10 yuan;
Training materials occurred in the course of lost, damaged, missing pages and other phenomena, the person responsible for compensation from the textbook borrow; Lending refused to compensate three times the price of training materials shall be deducted.
6, each year in mid-December, the training of competent authorities responsible for organizing the relevant departments of the staff spot checks of training materials borrowed time, random situation of Companies (CRR) for the record.
7, company workers in retirement, the lifting of the labor contract (terminated), must be returned reorientation training materials, in order to settle the account transfer procedures.
, Apprenticeship training and test management approach
In order to improve the Group's internal training management mechanism to stimulate the enthusiasm of the staff to learn business skills, and employees technology business capabilities continue to improve, the rapid growth accelerate their master to update their knowledge to provide a good environment for new employees quickly become useful, in order to adapt to the needs of the development of the company, The development of this approach.
1, the implementation of the range:
The scope of the implementation of this approach learning between companies within the group of companies and the company's internal organization business skills training.
(1), the parent company of new internal recruitment staff positions (graduate, undergraduate, post-secondary, secondary and technical secondary school or less education officer), the post business skills during the probationary period of study and training.
(2), the subsidiary arrangements to other companies within the Group's business skills learning and training.
(3) between the units within each subsidiary business skills learning and training.
(4), the newly recruited staff from within each subsidiary (undergraduate, post-secondary, secondary and secondary education personnel) during the probationary period, the the post business skills learning and training.
2, the signing of the agreement:
(1), between subsidiaries within the Group involved in business training, training agreement signed by the two companies.
(2), a subsidiary of internal workshop involving business training, training agreement signed by the two workshop.
(3) staff posts (including the Group's subsidiaries outside trainers, parent companies, subsidiaries internal recruitment educated personnel in the undergraduate, post-secondary, secondary and technical secondary school) signed between the needs and positions the master teacher and student training agreement.
3, the training agreement: (see specific content training agreement)
(1), clear date training days, training costs and training requirements.
(2) to develop training and learning programs, including the training of basic knowledge of chemical safety; factory regulations Factory Act education and training; posts practical skills training.
(3) the development of training assessment methods to ensure the quality of learning, clear training responsibilities to implement training incentive responsibility
4, the term of the agreement: Graduate perform three undergraduates perform six months, other new recruits executive
Line protocol defined period.
5 training fees:
(1) between the subsidiaries of the group of companies, business skills training, per person per day to receive training costs 30 yuan (including accommodation), at the same time daily to receive training grants division with only costs 2 yuan, on a monthly basis by the training The unit is responsible for collecting both companies financial responsible for the timely settlement.
(2) training of personnel between the subsidiary prior to settlement, tools and materials fee $ 5 per month per person of the company's internal training accommodation.
(3), the parent company, subsidiary of newly recruited employees signed mentoring agreements simultaneously entered into a training agreement, the agreed period of service, employees in violation of the agreement on the term of service, the company asked workers to bear the cost of training.
6, the assessment of training:
(1), the trainers during the training violate business rules and regulations requiring assessment required by company.
(2), a production safety accident trainers during the training, according to company policy assessment, according to the degree of responsibility assessment mentoring.
(3) the business exam training learning during each test fail trainers, a fine of 50 yuan, the master of a fine of 30 yuan.
(4), the company's internal posts newly recruited staff posts, qualified in the assessment of training period, given the dismissal. At the same time to recover all grants issued to the master of the one-time fine of $ 100.
(5), actively encouraged to master with only during the training and learning, daily distributed with the apprentice chef training allowance subsidies paid attendance days.

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