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Shandong Allied Chemical Corporation, formerly known as Shandong the Dongfeng fertilizer factory was founded in 1965 and restructured in 2003 to become a private Co., Ltd., the listed company shares are traded on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in February 2008, now has more than 3500 employees. The company has formed a product chain of circular economy based synthetic ammonia, with its own characteristics, covering nitric acid, ammonium nitrate, melamine, sodium nitrate, salt, soda ash, ammonium chloride, methanol, nitro compound fertilizer, urea, ammonium bicarbonate, phthalic anhydride chemical products, petroleum additives, such as a dozen. Has won the "Top 100 sales revenue of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry fertilizer manufacturing industry and the overall efficiency of hundred" National small nitrogenous fertilizer efficiency, product sales revenue 50 "China Chemical 500 national high-tech enterprise" honorary title.

Our talent is the ability and political integrity, meritocracy, the idea of employing capable inducted is successful, the grant Lu Qin by reputation, idler who spur, Yongzhe to Yin.

According to the company's development needs, looking to recruit graduates previous college degree or above:

Ⅰ, recruiting professional:

Chemical process (organic and inorganic), fine chemicals, chemical machinery, instrumentation and automation, electrical automation, leather, chemical, mechanical and electrical integration, security engineering, project cost, computer, financial management and business administration.

II registration conditions:

1, full-time national entrance examination graduates aged below 26 years of age, physical health.

2, candidates must have an identity card, diploma, resume materials, and other related documents.

Ⅲ wages:

Who worked probationary period and the first phase of the contract period can enjoy the protection of wages, highlight the work of talented employees will be promoted into the technical the backbone or management backbone post, enjoy salaries to performance.

This Section
During the training period,
3200 yuan / month
1800 yuan / month
1500 yuan / month
Trainee expires
More than 3500 yuan / month
More than 2300 yuan / month
More than 1800 yuan / month

Ⅳ, benefits:

Trainee expiration of term labor contract signed 3-5 years, to pay the six risk a gold (basic pension insurance, medical insurance, industrial injury insurance, unemployment insurance, maternity insurance, a one-time pension subsidies; housing provident fund),

Enjoy national holidays vacation and one day a week off duty.

3, the company is free to provide college students with 2 world standard apartment, and are equipped with broadband, kitchen and other facilities.

Ⅴ, place of work:

Shandong the Joint Chemical Corporation (Yiyuan work); United Chemical Co., Ltd. Shandong Xintai (Xintai work); United Fengyuan Chemical Co., Ltd., Shandong (Zaozhuang Taierzhuang District work);

Address: No. 36 Dongfeng Road, Yiyuan County, Shandong Province, Shandong Allied Chemical Corporation Human Resources Department.

Contact: Mr. Zhang Tel :0533 -2343718




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